UX Writing

It’s always a pleasure to be able to write about my love of UX. I enjoy researching various topics or writing about areas which I have discovered while working. Below are some links to articles and blog posts I have written about various areas of UX.


Why A Cheeseburger Could Make Me Buy An iPhone Again

Written for Arekibo Communications, October 2018

First thing’s first, I was initially an iPhone user. My first smartphone was an iPhone 4S that I bought when I was eighteen. Four years and two broken screens later I made the brave decision to give up on iOS and move to Android. It was a decision that I had been fearing for months, my iPhone 6 was slowing down and I was starting to be wooed by the better specs of Android devices…


Lottie - Animation Made Easy

Written for Arekibo Communications, June 2018

With the arrival of every new prototyping tool comes a promise of easier motion design, "Animate with ease""add motion to your designs easily". Unfortunately, the problem these tools turn a blind eye to is the handover. A huge problem with adding motion to a design is the bridge between the designer animating it and the developer who must implement it…


Five UX Articles to Brighten Up Your Commute

Written for Arekibo Communications, October 2018

The UX team in Arekibo is made up of a mix of UI and UX Designers and UI Developers. To collaborate closely it’s good for us all to keep up with trends in each other’s fields. One way we do this is by sharing articles we find useful or interesting across the team so that we can all keep up to date….